Babcock Davis Two Part Stair Treads with Short Tipped Nosing

BD-stairtreads-2part-stillBabcock Davis Two Part Stair Treads with Short Tipped Nosing provide easy installation on jobsites while protecting stair treads from wear and tear. Babcock Davis Two Part Stair Treads with Short Tipped Nosing are unique in that there is an aluminum stair tread frame that is installed on the stairs and a separate abrasive insert that is screwed in place on the aluminum stair tread frame. This is useful for active jobsites because the aluminum stair tread frames can be installed on the stairs with plywood inserts remaining in place until construction is completed. When the building is nearly ready to be delivered to the client, the plywood inserts can be removed and the abrasive tread inserts screwed to the aluminum stair tread frames leaving them unworn and looking brand new. Babcock Davis also provides split shipping of Babcock Davis Two Part Stair Treads with Short Tipped Nosing. When customers request the split shipment option, the aluminum stair tread frame will be shipped to the customer’s jobsite first with the abrasive tread inserts to follow on the customers specified delivery day. This will ensure the abrasive stair tread inserts are not installed early or lost while on the jobsite.

Babcock Davis Two Part Stair Treads with Short Tipped Nosing will also save you money and time if the stair treads are ever damaged or wear down past their lifetime. Only the abrasive tread inserts for the Babcock Davis Two Part Stair Treads with Short Tipped Nosing would have to be ordered. The old abrasive tread inserts are easily unscrewed from the aluminum stair tread frame and the new abrasive tread inserts are screwed into place. Without the Babcock Davis Two Part Stair Treads with Short Tipped Nosing, renovators would have to rely on the more expensive Babcock Davis Renovation Bar Abrasive Stair Treads to complete their staircase remodel.

Renovation Stair Tread for Remodeling Projects by Babcock Davis

Babcock_Catalog_StairTreads_visionlineBabcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads replace installed stair treads that have worn over time or have been damaged. The one constant in life is that time will erode everything. Much like the Grand Canyon, your stair treads will wear away and, eventually, crumble; but, will not be anywhere near as beautiful. For those situations, Babcock Davis offers the Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Tread. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads are Bar Abrasive Stair Treads (as opposed to Full Abrasive Stair Treads) that are available in 5″, 9″, or 11″ widths. Renovation stair treads, the largest sized stair treads available in the industry, are designed to cover more of your stair providing the ultimate in anti-slip safety and protection. The Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads can be installed on poured concrete, sloped, steel pan, terrazo, or wood stairs. The heavy duty, aluminum construction of Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads allows for their installation on interior or exterior stairs.
Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads can be ordered with the aluminum oxide silicon carbide bar abrasive inserts in any of 9 colors. Another special option for Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads installed in dark stairwells is the photoluminescent abrasive tread. Artificial or natural light charges the photoluminescent treated abrasive tread allowing it to glow in dark stairwells. This is an attractive safety feature in office and apartment buildings where safe exit from the building via the stairs is required in emergency situations. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads complemented with Exit Door Panic Devices improve the safety and quality of stairwell exits for commercial and residential buildings. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads are a quick and economical alternative to new construction and provide a safe, non-slip surface.

Drifter | Free Standing Charging Station, Power Outlets & Active USB Ports

The ECA Drifter typically rests on a table or desktop but includes optional mounting hardware should you decide to drill through the tabletop and attach the unit permanently.

  • 360º access to power outlets and USB charging ports
  • (3) 15A 120 volt tamper resistant power receptacles
  • (6) charging ports for USB compatible devices (USB rating: 2100 mA 5V/DC)
  • Available in Glossy Black, Glossy White, and Silver Pearl finishes
  • 108″ power cord with magnetic catch for storage
  • Measures 10″ diameter x 2.85″ tall
  • Weighs 6lbs
  • ETL listed

ECA Cove Series Power Data Outlets

The Cove series of power data outlets from Electri-Cable Assemblies are sleek, simple designs that put power receptacles and USB ports within arm’s reach, whether you’re seated at your desk workstation or near a support column or piece of furniture in a general meeting space. Gone are the days of crawling under your desk or around corners to find power outlets or network cables with the easy, convenient Cove power data grommet installed right in your desktop. For larger tables in conference rooms or training facilities, please visit our ECA power data table trough grommets featuring power outlets and data or video connections suitable for large groups during meetings or presentations.

Height Adjustable Table Bases

Height adjustable desks, tables, and bases allow any workspace to be sit-stand, multipurpose, or multi-person with ease. These ergonomic alternatives to ordinary workplaces are easy to use and very durable. Customizable storage and workspaces will also allow workers to be more productive.

We carry both manual and electric height adjustable tables bases for business and home offices that offer the user the option to adjust the table height depending on the type of activity that is being performed at any given time. Height adjustable desk bases by ConSet, Hafele, Koyo, and Gibraltar offer an ergonomic alternative to traditional table bases that keep the user in the seated for position for long periods of time, regardless of what task they are doing

Babcock Davis/Arden Entrance Foot Grilles and LEED Requirements

Entrance-Floor-GrateBabcock Davis/Arden Entrance Foot Grilles contribute to LEED Certification for new and remodeled commercial buildings. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Requirements are standard practices for purchasing and designing with environmentally friendly materials for a building. Points are used to measure how “green” a building is in specific areas of design and construction. The sum of all these points determines the scale of LEED Certification in a building. Babcock Davis/Arden Entrance Foot Grilles are part of LEED requirements for credits in the certification process. The most points for entrance systems is IEQ Credit 5—providing a permanent entrance system of at least 10 feet in all major entrances. Here are the possible LEED Credit Points that can be earned for using specific materials that fulfill the guidelines:

MR Credit 4.1, Recycled Content: To fulfill this requirement, the sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one half of the post-industrial (pre-consumer) content constitutes at least 4% of the total value of the materials in the project. Babcock Davis/Arden EnvIRONtread II is composed of 59% post-consumer and 22% pre-consumer recycled content. Recycled aluminum in the divider bars along with recycled truck and airplane tires for the floor grate treads makes the EnvIRONtread II Rigid Foot Grille 95% recycled material by cost.

MR Credit 6, Rapidly Renewable Material: 2.5% of the total value of all building materials and products must be made with rapidly renewable materials and products. Typically, these are plants harvested within a ten year cycle or shorter.

IEQ Credit 4.3, Low-Emitting Materials: Low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) refer to organic chemical compounds that have significant vapor pressures. These man-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds can affect the environment and human health.

IEQ Credit 5, Pollutant Source Control: This credit requires compliance with a varied group of items that cumulatively help keep pollutants out of the indoor air. One basic requirement for LEED 3.3 is to install a permanent entrance system at least 10 feet long in all major entrance areas of the building.

LEED information is available for all Babcock Davis/Arden Entrance Foot Grilles. This will allow you to assess the number of possible credits you will earn for your project depending on the Entrance Foot Grilles and tread type chosen for installation.

The Unconventional Guide to Peter Meier, Inc.

pmilogoPeter Meier, Inc. is a supplier of designer and utilitarian furniture legs, table legs, casters, and cabinet levelers. Do you need a desk height leg that folds under the table top for easy storage? Done. Do you need an attractive, yet heavy duty furniture leg for your entertainment center? Done. Do you need stainless steel table bases for your outdoor café? Done. Peter Meier, Inc. has you covered for support legs for glass, wood, laminate, or granite table tops and furniture feet for all anything from a tv stand to a sofa. From stylish, Italian designed table legs to industrial furniture feet, Peter Meier has been supplying commercial and residential customers with table and furniture supports for 25 years. Their superior quality and attention to design has made them an industry leader.

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is not just a table and furniture support company. Their catalog of products extends from kitchen organization to closet accessories. The quality that PMI is well known for in their table legs and furniture feet is also represented in the rest of their catalogue of products. All natural wicker baskets for storage and organization, VASA drawer slides, and natural wood lazy susans are just a few of the vast catalog of high quality household accessories that are available from PMI. PMI can even help you with hard to find hardware pieces such as shelf supports, cam locks, and hanging brackets without requiring you to purchase an entire box of 50 or 100.