Rolling Table Legs: An Office Lifesaver

AdjustableStraightLeg800How exciting are rolling table legs? About as exciting as counting the perforations in ceiling tile; nonetheless, what would you do without rolling table legs. Rolling table legs make rearranging the layout of a conference room or moving your desk closer to a window in your office a simple act rather than a Herculean task. Can you imagine moving a 10 foot long conference table in your company’s meeting room all on your own without rolling table legs? How about reconfiguring the layout of a lecture hall with 50 tables? Or moving a desk closer to a power outlet to accommodate the power/data connectors that are installed? I envision lots of sweat, tears, and swearing and broken tables; but, that doesn’t have to be the case.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Rolling table legs are plain and won’t work with my table.” Oh, how wrong you would be; but, I won’t hold it against you. Rolling table legs not only come in a number of different finishes to complement a specific décor, but they also come in many different configurations. You certainly wouldn’t want to put 8 rolling table legs on a 10 foot conference table. It would reduce leg room underneath the table. And if you have a really wide table, you’ll need more legs in the middle to keep it from sagging. Not to mention it would look like some weird spider. In such a circumstance you’d want a large base that can carry the load of a heavy table, but is large enough to provide even support. AND IT ROLLS! What more could you ask for? Did u say height adjustment? Well, what do you know; rolling legs can be height adjustable too. The only thing they can’t do is give you the winning Powerball numbers. Or can they? They really can’t, but I live for drama.

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