Coffee Table Legs: The Middle Child of Furniture Legs

5600300_Applicationpicture.1Coffee table legs fill in the gray area in table heights between tall table legs and short furniture legs. Coffee table legs are normally somewhere within the range of 14” – 16” tall. Most legs today are either furniture legs between 4” – 10” or table legs at about 28” tall, counter height legs at 34” tall, or bar height legs at 40” tall. In some cases, but not all, a table leg can be cut down to the coffee table height; but that entails an additional cost and lead time for customization. Short furniture legs for sofas and ottomans obviously cannot be stretched to meet coffee table leg height requirements. And what about styles? Some of the more interesting designs are made exclusively for furniture legs or table legs that cannot be modified. So what is one to do? Fortunately, a wider range of designs is now becoming more readily available for coffee table legs. Tapered wavy legs and coffee table legs that cradle your coffee table top are just a couple of the designs that are now available. Coffee table legs are not limited to steel or aluminum either. Decorative solid wood legs are also available in a coffee table leg height and can even be stained to match or contrast your coffee table top.

Some of you may be wondering about height adjustable coffee table legs. You’re in luck. Height adjustable table legs can be custom modified for a coffee table height with upward adjustment of +4” or +6”. This is particularly useful if you want to use your coffee table for eating, craft work, or studying, and you want the added height for greater comfort. The height adjustable option for coffee table legs is only available on metal table legs, but a wide array of attractive finishes will complement any décor.

How To Install Table Legs on Glass Tops

61271010_Applicationpicture2.1Installing table legs on a glass table top is a very simple process. First and foremost, absolutely no screws. I’m sure this is obvious for the majority of us; but, for those few that have power drills in hand, put it down and step away. No hardware, besides the actual table legs, will be required. Glass top table legs have a unique mounting plate. It is a solid, smooth piece of metal that can either be round, square, triangle, or whatever shape the manufacturer decides. Also have clear silicone adhesive gel or glass glue at the ready. Here are the steps you will follow for how to install your glass top table legs:

1. Place your glass table top on the floor with the underside of the table top facing up.

2. Thoroughly clean the underside of the glass table top.

3. Place a dime sized amount of glue at each mounting point on the table.

4. Place the flat surface of the table leg mounting plate on the dollop of glue and press firmly for a few seconds.

5. Follow the instructions for the glue that you use for your installation. Curing times may range from a few hours to overnight.

6. Once the glue has cured, install your table legs onto the mounting plates and stand your table on the legs.

7. You have successfully completed the installation of your glass top table legs.

When standing your table on the newly installed legs, it’s best to have someone assist you to prevent damage to your glass table top. You don’t want all your hard work going to waste. For more complex table bases that may involve additional components such as the IDEA Rail Support System, the installation process would remain the same. After installing your legs onto the mounting bases that have cured and created a firm seal on the glass table top, you would proceed with the remainder of the installation as normal.

Como Furniture Leg: The Incredible Hulk of Furniture Legs

The Como Furniture Leg by Camar is a tough, heavy duty furniture leg in a small package. If you are looking for a decorative furniture leg, this is not it. Do you want something that will match the intricate design of your Italian armoire that was imported from Tuscany? Then skip over the Como Furniture Leg. Now if you want a behemoth that can support a 2000 lbs. cabinet, the Como Furniture Leg by Camar is perfect for you. This furniture leg is the epitome of basic in its design, but the amount of weight it can support is anything but. Each leg can support 600 lbs. of weight. Whatever you throw at the Como Furniture Legs they can take. Some of the more decorative furniture legs will only support 150 lbs. per leg or less. Frankly, I like overkill on my furniture. Installing four of these suckers on an ottoman is beyond overkill, but they are solid, sturdy, and the only furniture leg you will need.

Yes, the Como Furniture Leg isn’t as sexy as its Sedona Furniture Leg by Camar cousins, but who says looks are everything. Ok, maybe looks are a little something. Camar is an Italian company after all. That’s why Camar, in their infinite wisdom, decided that instead of making these just a raw steel, industrial leg, the Como Furniture Legs would be fabricated in an array of finishes. You may not match a particular design, but you can get an attractive finish on the superhuman Como Furniture Legs. The furniture legs are also adjustable up to 1-1/8” beyond their standard 4”, 6”, 8”, or 10” base height. So adjustable, reasonably attractive, and strong beyond belief…what more could you ask for? Don’t say a gold plated version. That’d really be overkill.

Table Leg and Table Base Styles

DoubleRailTable Legs and Table Bases are fabricated in an assortment of styles and designs other than the normal straight, steel table legs and table bases that we are all accustomed to. Dining tables, conference tables, and desks come in myriad shapes and sizes and a straight leg is not always the most efficient option. For example, H legs might be better suited for a long rectangular table instead of a row of straight table legs. For a child’s desk, you might want something more colorful for their playroom or classroom. There are so many different styles of table legs and bases available and we will go through them here:

Alphabet Table Bases: The Alphabet Table Bases are the C, H, T, and X Bases so named because of how the supports for these bases are constructed. Their design makes them useful for odd configuration or oversized table and desks where straight table legs are not desired or useful.
Folding Table Legs and Bases: Folding Table Legs and Bases come in two different flavors. There is an option for table legs and bases that completely fold under the table top and a secondary option for flip-top folding table bases where the base will remain upright, but the top will flip for convenient storage. The flip-top folding option is particularly useful for rolling table bases.
Glass Top Table Legs: Glass Top Table Legs come with a special mounting plate that is used for glass table tops only. The bracket that comes with glass top table legs is a completely smooth disc for use with silicon bonding gel.
Center Support Table Base: The Center Support Table Base is a modular system that can be configured in any number of unique ways for special desk and table set ups. This system utilizes support rails beneath the table or desk top to evenly distribute the weight and provide ample support.
Designer Table Legs and Bases: Designer Table Legs and Bases encapsulates all of the most interesting table legs and bases. From wavy table legs to tapered legs and everything in between, these legs are meant to make a statement in your home or office.

Beyond these table leg and table base styles, materials such as wood, aluminum, and stainless steel are available to match the desired aesthetic or to provide the durability needed for diverse climates.