Table Leg and Table Base Styles

DoubleRailTable Legs and Table Bases are fabricated in an assortment of styles and designs other than the normal straight, steel table legs and table bases that we are all accustomed to. Dining tables, conference tables, and desks come in myriad shapes and sizes and a straight leg is not always the most efficient option. For example, H legs might be better suited for a long rectangular table instead of a row of straight table legs. For a child’s desk, you might want something more colorful for their playroom or classroom. There are so many different styles of table legs and bases available and we will go through them here:

Alphabet Table Bases: The Alphabet Table Bases are the C, H, T, and X Bases so named because of how the supports for these bases are constructed. Their design makes them useful for odd configuration or oversized table and desks where straight table legs are not desired or useful.
Folding Table Legs and Bases: Folding Table Legs and Bases come in two different flavors. There is an option for table legs and bases that completely fold under the table top and a secondary option for flip-top folding table bases where the base will remain upright, but the top will flip for convenient storage. The flip-top folding option is particularly useful for rolling table bases.
Glass Top Table Legs: Glass Top Table Legs come with a special mounting plate that is used for glass table tops only. The bracket that comes with glass top table legs is a completely smooth disc for use with silicon bonding gel.
Center Support Table Base: The Center Support Table Base is a modular system that can be configured in any number of unique ways for special desk and table set ups. This system utilizes support rails beneath the table or desk top to evenly distribute the weight and provide ample support.
Designer Table Legs and Bases: Designer Table Legs and Bases encapsulates all of the most interesting table legs and bases. From wavy table legs to tapered legs and everything in between, these legs are meant to make a statement in your home or office.

Beyond these table leg and table base styles, materials such as wood, aluminum, and stainless steel are available to match the desired aesthetic or to provide the durability needed for diverse climates.

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