Como Furniture Leg: The Incredible Hulk of Furniture Legs

The Como Furniture Leg by Camar is a tough, heavy duty furniture leg in a small package. If you are looking for a decorative furniture leg, this is not it. Do you want something that will match the intricate design of your Italian armoire that was imported from Tuscany? Then skip over the Como Furniture Leg. Now if you want a behemoth that can support a 2000 lbs. cabinet, the Como Furniture Leg by Camar is perfect for you. This furniture leg is the epitome of basic in its design, but the amount of weight it can support is anything but. Each leg can support 600 lbs. of weight. Whatever you throw at the Como Furniture Legs they can take. Some of the more decorative furniture legs will only support 150 lbs. per leg or less. Frankly, I like overkill on my furniture. Installing four of these suckers on an ottoman is beyond overkill, but they are solid, sturdy, and the only furniture leg you will need.

Yes, the Como Furniture Leg isn’t as sexy as its Sedona Furniture Leg by Camar cousins, but who says looks are everything. Ok, maybe looks are a little something. Camar is an Italian company after all. That’s why Camar, in their infinite wisdom, decided that instead of making these just a raw steel, industrial leg, the Como Furniture Legs would be fabricated in an array of finishes. You may not match a particular design, but you can get an attractive finish on the superhuman Como Furniture Legs. The furniture legs are also adjustable up to 1-1/8” beyond their standard 4”, 6”, 8”, or 10” base height. So adjustable, reasonably attractive, and strong beyond belief…what more could you ask for? Don’t say a gold plated version. That’d really be overkill.

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