How To Install Table Legs on Glass Tops

61271010_Applicationpicture2.1Installing table legs on a glass table top is a very simple process. First and foremost, absolutely no screws. I’m sure this is obvious for the majority of us; but, for those few that have power drills in hand, put it down and step away. No hardware, besides the actual table legs, will be required. Glass top table legs have a unique mounting plate. It is a solid, smooth piece of metal that can either be round, square, triangle, or whatever shape the manufacturer decides. Also have clear silicone adhesive gel or glass glue at the ready. Here are the steps you will follow for how to install your glass top table legs:

1. Place your glass table top on the floor with the underside of the table top facing up.

2. Thoroughly clean the underside of the glass table top.

3. Place a dime sized amount of glue at each mounting point on the table.

4. Place the flat surface of the table leg mounting plate on the dollop of glue and press firmly for a few seconds.

5. Follow the instructions for the glue that you use for your installation. Curing times may range from a few hours to overnight.

6. Once the glue has cured, install your table legs onto the mounting plates and stand your table on the legs.

7. You have successfully completed the installation of your glass top table legs.

When standing your table on the newly installed legs, it’s best to have someone assist you to prevent damage to your glass table top. You don’t want all your hard work going to waste. For more complex table bases that may involve additional components such as the IDEA Rail Support System, the installation process would remain the same. After installing your legs onto the mounting bases that have cured and created a firm seal on the glass table top, you would proceed with the remainder of the installation as normal.

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