Coffee Table Legs: The Middle Child of Furniture Legs

5600300_Applicationpicture.1Coffee table legs fill in the gray area in table heights between tall table legs and short furniture legs. Coffee table legs are normally somewhere within the range of 14” – 16” tall. Most legs today are either furniture legs between 4” – 10” or table legs at about 28” tall, counter height legs at 34” tall, or bar height legs at 40” tall. In some cases, but not all, a table leg can be cut down to the coffee table height; but that entails an additional cost and lead time for customization. Short furniture legs for sofas and ottomans obviously cannot be stretched to meet coffee table leg height requirements. And what about styles? Some of the more interesting designs are made exclusively for furniture legs or table legs that cannot be modified. So what is one to do? Fortunately, a wider range of designs is now becoming more readily available for coffee table legs. Tapered wavy legs and coffee table legs that cradle your coffee table top are just a couple of the designs that are now available. Coffee table legs are not limited to steel or aluminum either. Decorative solid wood legs are also available in a coffee table leg height and can even be stained to match or contrast your coffee table top.

Some of you may be wondering about height adjustable coffee table legs. You’re in luck. Height adjustable table legs can be custom modified for a coffee table height with upward adjustment of +4” or +6”. This is particularly useful if you want to use your coffee table for eating, craft work, or studying, and you want the added height for greater comfort. The height adjustable option for coffee table legs is only available on metal table legs, but a wide array of attractive finishes will complement any décor.

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