Sedona Furniture Legs: The Prettier Cousins of the Como Leg

Sedona Furniture Legs by Camar are attractive, strong furniture legs that complement varied furniture styles and provide ample support for seating. Remember when I told you in the Como Furniture Leg blog that the Sedona Furniture Legs are its prettier cousins? You haven’t read it? Go read it now. I’ll wait. This is a blog for Pete’s sake; where am I gonna go? Good, you’re back. Now as I was saying, Sedona Furniture Legs are the prettier cousins of the Como. When the look of your furniture leg is top priority (and you’re not trying to support elephants) then the Sedona Furniture Legs are what you need. The Sedona Furniture Legs come in 8 striking styles. I defy you to not like any of them. Strong words, but I stand by them. All of the legs come in an Aluminum Matte Finish and you can choose either a 4” or 6” height. Or choose both heights. I’m not here to judge.

While the Sedona Furniture Legs may not have the awesome weight capacity of their cousin Como, they still support a very respectable 200 lbs. per leg. Four of these legs on your sofa would easily support Aunt Bertha and Uncle Roscoe when they come over for the holidays. You don’t want them breaking another set of sofa legs. Even your snooty cousin will think the Sedona Furniture Legs are very chic (though she’ll inevitably question your judgment on the sofa). Were you wondering how the Sedona Furniture Legs will install on your furniture? I’m glad you asked because Camar has done a beautiful thing. Not only will you receive a square mounting plate with each leg, you will also receive an M10 threaded stem that can screw into your sofa in the same location as the furniture legs that Aunt Bertha and Uncle Roscoe broke. The Sedona Legs won’t succumb to their awesome poundage nearly as easily as those other furniture legs. No offense to Aunt Bertha and Uncle Roscoe.

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