How To Install Table Legs on Wood, Laminate, & Granite Table Tops

Installing table legs on wood, laminate, and granite table tops is not much more difficult than installing table legs on glass tops; but, there will be a few additional steps. If you recall, we covered how to install table legs on glass table tops in a previous blog post. Installation of table legs on wood, laminate, and granite table tops will be nothing like that so hunker down and take notes. If you have table legs already that you are preparing to install on an existing top, please read through these instructions before starting your installation.

1. Position your mounting bracket a minimum of 1” from the corner edge of your table top. For “bunny ear” or “D Shaped” mounting brackets, the rounded edge should be positioned toward the corner of the top.

2. (If installing legs on wood or laminate tops, skip to step 4.) Use a pencil to mark the screw holes where you will drill into your table top. Remove the mounting brackets.

3. Drill your screw holes at the locations you previously marked. Replace the mounting plate over your drilled holes.

4. With a power screwdriver (or manual if you want a workout) affix the screws to the mounting plate.

5. Once your mounting plate has been secured, install your leg on the mounting plate.

6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 for your remaining legs.

Before standing your table top on its new legs, make sure that all screws on the mounting plate are securely tightened and the leg is secure to the mounting plate. Different manufacturers may offer different options for securing the table leg to the mounting plate. Make sure you follow their directions explicitly to avoid a catastrophe later. A table collapsing on your legs is not an enjoyable experience.

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