The Unconventional Guide to Peter Meier, Inc.

pmilogoPeter Meier, Inc. is a supplier of designer and utilitarian furniture legs, table legs, casters, and cabinet levelers. Do you need a desk height leg that folds under the table top for easy storage? Done. Do you need an attractive, yet heavy duty furniture leg for your entertainment center? Done. Do you need stainless steel table bases for your outdoor café? Done. Peter Meier, Inc. has you covered for support legs for glass, wood, laminate, or granite table tops and furniture feet for all anything from a tv stand to a sofa. From stylish, Italian designed table legs to industrial furniture feet, Peter Meier has been supplying commercial and residential customers with table and furniture supports for 25 years. Their superior quality and attention to design has made them an industry leader.

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is not just a table and furniture support company. Their catalog of products extends from kitchen organization to closet accessories. The quality that PMI is well known for in their table legs and furniture feet is also represented in the rest of their catalogue of products. All natural wicker baskets for storage and organization, VASA drawer slides, and natural wood lazy susans are just a few of the vast catalog of high quality household accessories that are available from PMI. PMI can even help you with hard to find hardware pieces such as shelf supports, cam locks, and hanging brackets without requiring you to purchase an entire box of 50 or 100.

Hafele Taller Metal Table Legs for the Do It Yourselfer

635_20_066wheelsHafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs offer do it yourselfers an option for creating table legs in the exact height they require. At first glance a 56” table leg seems ridiculously oversized unless you’re Yao Ming or Leonid Stadnyk. Look them up if you don’t know who on Earth I’m talking about. While the table legs could conceivably be used at their full height for extremely tall people, the primary intention for the Hafele Taller Metal Table Legs is for the do it yourselfer who wants to create their own table leg. The average person—even a do it yourselfer—does not have access to a smelting plant or a metal forming operation to actually create their own table leg. The next best thing would be the Hafele Taller Metal Table Legs. These table legs can be cut to the size needed with a hacksaw pretty easily. Let’s say for instance that you require table legs for a dining room table you’re building; but, you want the legs to be exactly 31-9/16”. Why do you need the legs to be this exact height? I have no idea; this is a hypothetical scenario after all. Anyway, your search for 31-9/16” table legs is fruitless. Then you encounter the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs. You think this is the absolute last leg you need since they are so large. Then you remember this brilliant blog you read about the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs and how they can be cut to size. You buy them, measure them, and hack the bejabbers out of them to get your 31-9/16” table legs. Voila! You didn’t have to settle for shorter table legs or use risers under the table to get the exact height you wanted. That’s the beauty of the Hafele 56” taller metal table legs.

Now what if you need a rolling table leg that is exactly 31-9/16” tall including the casters at the bottom? Then you’re screwed! Just kidding. Would I really do that to you? Actually, the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs can also be used with casters for a rolling table leg application. The modular design of the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs not only makes them optimal for modification, but also for adding on third party accessories such as casters, levelers, or floor mounted plates for installation on a boat. The Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs are a versatile workhorse that will be a great addition to your workshop.

Single Table Legs: When 5 Table Legs Are All You Need

height-adjustable-legsTable legs are not only available in sets of 4; several models are available individually when an odd number of table legs or a single table leg is needed. How many times have you called a company looking for table legs and were told that they are only available in sets of 4? If you’ve never attempted to buy single table legs before and are only reading this blog for informational purposes, then I guess I have my answer. For the rest of you, I’m sure it has been many times. Single table legs are not very common primarily because most tables use four table legs and packaging them together in a set will save you money; but, buying two sets of table legs when you only need five is the opposite of saving money. In such instances, some manufacturers have wisely made their table legs available in sets and individually. This really will save you money and will also save you the aggravation of having extra table legs that you don’t need taking up space in your home or office.

Aside from standard table legs that are available individually, there are also peninsula table legs that are available as single table legs. These table legs are only available individually because they are meant to support the peninsula (overhang) of a counter, island, or conference table with extension. Also, large conference table legs such as disc bases and H Bases are available individually. Conference tables will usually only require between 1 and 3 of these large table bases and selling them as a set of 4 or more would be absolutely mad. However, if you have a ginormous conference table (ginormous is a word…look it up) you can always use 4 or more conference table legs if required.

Power Data Modules with Active USB Connectors

MarinaSilverAluminumPower Data Modules with Active USB connectors capable of charging electronic devices are becoming more common than even a year ago. For several years, our computers and laptops have been built standard with Active USB connectors—connectors capable of charging portable devices with a USB cable. The feature slowly trickled to power data modules (very slowly); but, as of 2013 the active USB connector is now available or standard on nearly all power data modules. What’s the big deal about active USB you may ask? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that USB connectors were initially only capable of data transfer with very little power capability. This limited capability was also the norm in power data modules. With the onset of active USB, not only could the connectors transfer data, but they could also power or charge devices. Now with active USB connectors available for conference/workstation table mounted, desktop mounted, and freestanding power data modules, users have access to charging for their phones, music players, and other portable devices anywhere they go. No more having to bring your USB cable and your power cord for you devices. Just bring your USB cable and you’re set.

Active USB connectors are not required in units where it is not standard. If you have a strong, irrational aversion to active USB connectors, you can still opt for passive USB connectors in your power data module. Keep in mind that it is best to future proof your power data modules (really anything for that matter) to save on the cost of upgrading in the future. Future upgrading of connectors could entail replacing a telecom plate or replacing the entire unit. Who knows what the future holds; however, it is best to err on the side of caution and make active USB connectors your go to for power data modules.

Power Data Boxes and Their Form Factors

InterfaceIIUTSilverPearlPower data boxes are fabricated in many form factors, not all of which are boxes. Often when customers are searching for a power data box, they believe they are restricted to a box shaped form factor that will drop into a cut out in the center of their table. While this is one of the options available for a power data box, there are quite a few other options. Let’s take a trip through the land of power data boxes. Keep all hands and feet inside the coach at all times.

Desktop Power Data Box: The desktop power data box is what most customers imagine when they begin their journey for a power data box for their desk or conference table. The desktop power data box requires a cut out in the table top where the power data box will be inserted. A lid on the power data box conceals the power receptacles, data connectors, and any cables that are feeding from the user’s laptop or computer into the desktop power data box. This power data box type is available with 2, 4, or 8 power receptacles.

Under Desk Power Data Box: The under desk power data box requires a cut out in the table just like the desktop power data box, but the under desk power data box mounts under the desk. I would’ve told you how easy this stuff is in the beginning, but you wouldn’t have believed me. That is literally the difference between the two. And the under desk power data box does not include a lid; but, one is available as an option. Some under desk power data boxes can also be installed in the apron of a desk or conference table.

Table Trough Power Data Box: Table troughs are much larger power data boxes meant for large conference or training tables. Each can accommodate from 6 to 12 users. They mount in a cut out much like the desktop power data boxes; you’ll just need a much larger cut out in most cases.

Pop Up/Flip Up Power Data Box: I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you how these operate. Ok, I will. These power data boxes either flip up to expose the power receptacles and data connectors or pop up (either manually or mechanically) to expose the power receptacles and data connectors. Pop up power data boxes are unique in that the remaining piece of wood from your table top cut out can be installed on top of the power data box.

One last type that really doesn’t need its own category is the freestanding power data box. Suffice it to say this power data box type does not require a table top cut out. It stands freely on the table top or on the floor for larger units. So that’s power data boxes in a nutshell. I could’ve just said they’re not all box shaped, but I tend to be a bit wordy. Happy trails.