Single Table Legs: When 5 Table Legs Are All You Need

height-adjustable-legsTable legs are not only available in sets of 4; several models are available individually when an odd number of table legs or a single table leg is needed. How many times have you called a company looking for table legs and were told that they are only available in sets of 4? If you’ve never attempted to buy single table legs before and are only reading this blog for informational purposes, then I guess I have my answer. For the rest of you, I’m sure it has been many times. Single table legs are not very common primarily because most tables use four table legs and packaging them together in a set will save you money; but, buying two sets of table legs when you only need five is the opposite of saving money. In such instances, some manufacturers have wisely made their table legs available in sets and individually. This really will save you money and will also save you the aggravation of having extra table legs that you don’t need taking up space in your home or office.

Aside from standard table legs that are available individually, there are also peninsula table legs that are available as single table legs. These table legs are only available individually because they are meant to support the peninsula (overhang) of a counter, island, or conference table with extension. Also, large conference table legs such as disc bases and H Bases are available individually. Conference tables will usually only require between 1 and 3 of these large table bases and selling them as a set of 4 or more would be absolutely mad. However, if you have a ginormous conference table (ginormous is a word…look it up) you can always use 4 or more conference table legs if required.

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