Renovation Stair Tread for Remodeling Projects by Babcock Davis

Babcock_Catalog_StairTreads_visionlineBabcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads replace installed stair treads that have worn over time or have been damaged. The one constant in life is that time will erode everything. Much like the Grand Canyon, your stair treads will wear away and, eventually, crumble; but, will not be anywhere near as beautiful. For those situations, Babcock Davis offers the Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Tread. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads are Bar Abrasive Stair Treads (as opposed to Full Abrasive Stair Treads) that are available in 5″, 9″, or 11″ widths. Renovation stair treads, the largest sized stair treads available in the industry, are designed to cover more of your stair providing the ultimate in anti-slip safety and protection. The Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads can be installed on poured concrete, sloped, steel pan, terrazo, or wood stairs. The heavy duty, aluminum construction of Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads allows for their installation on interior or exterior stairs.
Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads can be ordered with the aluminum oxide silicon carbide bar abrasive inserts in any of 9 colors. Another special option for Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads installed in dark stairwells is the photoluminescent abrasive tread. Artificial or natural light charges the photoluminescent treated abrasive tread allowing it to glow in dark stairwells. This is an attractive safety feature in office and apartment buildings where safe exit from the building via the stairs is required in emergency situations. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads complemented with Exit Door Panic Devices improve the safety and quality of stairwell exits for commercial and residential buildings. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads are a quick and economical alternative to new construction and provide a safe, non-slip surface.