Height Adjustable Table Bases

Height adjustable desks, tables, and bases allow any workspace to be sit-stand, multipurpose, or multi-person with ease. These ergonomic alternatives to ordinary workplaces are easy to use and very durable. Customizable storage and workspaces will also allow workers to be more productive.

We carry both manual and electric height adjustable tables bases for business and home offices that offer the user the option to adjust the table height depending on the type of activity that is being performed at any given time. Height adjustable desk bases by ConSet, Hafele, Koyo, and Gibraltar offer an ergonomic alternative to traditional table bases that keep the user in the seated for position for long periods of time, regardless of what task they are doing

The Unconventional Guide to Peter Meier, Inc.

pmilogoPeter Meier, Inc. is a supplier of designer and utilitarian furniture legs, table legs, casters, and cabinet levelers. Do you need a desk height leg that folds under the table top for easy storage? Done. Do you need an attractive, yet heavy duty furniture leg for your entertainment center? Done. Do you need stainless steel table bases for your outdoor café? Done. Peter Meier, Inc. has you covered for support legs for glass, wood, laminate, or granite table tops and furniture feet for all anything from a tv stand to a sofa. From stylish, Italian designed table legs to industrial furniture feet, Peter Meier has been supplying commercial and residential customers with table and furniture supports for 25 years. Their superior quality and attention to design has made them an industry leader.

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is not just a table and furniture support company. Their catalog of products extends from kitchen organization to closet accessories. The quality that PMI is well known for in their table legs and furniture feet is also represented in the rest of their catalogue of products. All natural wicker baskets for storage and organization, VASA drawer slides, and natural wood lazy susans are just a few of the vast catalog of high quality household accessories that are available from PMI. PMI can even help you with hard to find hardware pieces such as shelf supports, cam locks, and hanging brackets without requiring you to purchase an entire box of 50 or 100.

Pedestal Table Bases For Café Tables

Pedestal Table Bases offer an attractive table support option in cafés, bars, and restaurants with varied design aesthetics. Pedestal table bases provide a strong, single column support for standard size tables and up to four columns for oversized tables. Some Pedestal Table Bases allow for anchoring the base to the floor inside or ground outside a restaurant or bar to avoid the tables being moved, stolen, or otherwise destroyed by the elements. Pedestal Table Bases are fabricated in aluminum, cast iron, steel, and stainless steel for various uses. For instance, stainless steel pedestal table bases can be used in high end cafés and restaurants whereas aluminum or cast iron pedestal table bases can be used for outdoor seating. Stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron table bases are not available in multiple finishes. For assorted finish options, only the steel pedestal table bases can be used.

Aside from the aesthetic for pedestal table bases, the height required is possibly the most important aspect for the pedestal table bases. Pedestal table bases are available in the standard 28” table height or 42” bar height. Bar height pedestal table bases are particularly useful for use with bar stools or for standing only areas of a bar or café. Bar height pedestal table bases can also be used as a unique product display in retail stores. Additionally, steel pedestal table bases are also available in custom heights ranging from 28” – 36” for special table or counter heights. These custom heights will not compromise the strength and sturdiness of the pedestal table base in anyway. These durable, high quality pedestal table bases in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron are a great choice that will last for years to come.