The Unconventional Guide to Peter Meier, Inc.

pmilogoPeter Meier, Inc. is a supplier of designer and utilitarian furniture legs, table legs, casters, and cabinet levelers. Do you need a desk height leg that folds under the table top for easy storage? Done. Do you need an attractive, yet heavy duty furniture leg for your entertainment center? Done. Do you need stainless steel table bases for your outdoor café? Done. Peter Meier, Inc. has you covered for support legs for glass, wood, laminate, or granite table tops and furniture feet for all anything from a tv stand to a sofa. From stylish, Italian designed table legs to industrial furniture feet, Peter Meier has been supplying commercial and residential customers with table and furniture supports for 25 years. Their superior quality and attention to design has made them an industry leader.

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is not just a table and furniture support company. Their catalog of products extends from kitchen organization to closet accessories. The quality that PMI is well known for in their table legs and furniture feet is also represented in the rest of their catalogue of products. All natural wicker baskets for storage and organization, VASA drawer slides, and natural wood lazy susans are just a few of the vast catalog of high quality household accessories that are available from PMI. PMI can even help you with hard to find hardware pieces such as shelf supports, cam locks, and hanging brackets without requiring you to purchase an entire box of 50 or 100.

Hafele Taller Metal Table Legs for the Do It Yourselfer

635_20_066wheelsHafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs offer do it yourselfers an option for creating table legs in the exact height they require. At first glance a 56” table leg seems ridiculously oversized unless you’re Yao Ming or Leonid Stadnyk. Look them up if you don’t know who on Earth I’m talking about. While the table legs could conceivably be used at their full height for extremely tall people, the primary intention for the Hafele Taller Metal Table Legs is for the do it yourselfer who wants to create their own table leg. The average person—even a do it yourselfer—does not have access to a smelting plant or a metal forming operation to actually create their own table leg. The next best thing would be the Hafele Taller Metal Table Legs. These table legs can be cut to the size needed with a hacksaw pretty easily. Let’s say for instance that you require table legs for a dining room table you’re building; but, you want the legs to be exactly 31-9/16”. Why do you need the legs to be this exact height? I have no idea; this is a hypothetical scenario after all. Anyway, your search for 31-9/16” table legs is fruitless. Then you encounter the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs. You think this is the absolute last leg you need since they are so large. Then you remember this brilliant blog you read about the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs and how they can be cut to size. You buy them, measure them, and hack the bejabbers out of them to get your 31-9/16” table legs. Voila! You didn’t have to settle for shorter table legs or use risers under the table to get the exact height you wanted. That’s the beauty of the Hafele 56” taller metal table legs.

Now what if you need a rolling table leg that is exactly 31-9/16” tall including the casters at the bottom? Then you’re screwed! Just kidding. Would I really do that to you? Actually, the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs can also be used with casters for a rolling table leg application. The modular design of the Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs not only makes them optimal for modification, but also for adding on third party accessories such as casters, levelers, or floor mounted plates for installation on a boat. The Hafele 56” Taller Metal Table Legs are a versatile workhorse that will be a great addition to your workshop.

Table Leg Height Options and Definitions

leg-heightsWhen confronted with the task of purchasing and/or building tables and desks for the office or for residential applications, knowing how to select the correct table leg height for your application is half the battle. You can go to any website and easily be overwhelmed by the number of available options, making it difficult to decipher whether to purchase desk, counter, or bar height table legs for your table project. Please be certain, with any table leg where height is a consideration, to include the thickness of your table top in the overall height of the table or desk. Here is a brief description, a Cliffs Notes guide if you will, to the standard table leg height designations and for which type of table application they are commonly used:

Desk height table legs: The standard individual desk height leg is probably shorter than you think, if you’ve never actually measured them before. Normally somewhere between 26” and 29” tall, desk height table legs paired with a 1″ or 1-1/2″ thick top should put your finished tabletop surface between 27″ and 30″ tall. These legs are ideal for any desk or table where the user is seated in a standard chair.
Counter height table legs: Counter height table legs typically measure somewhere between 32” and 34” in height, leaving you with a finished table height of approximately 33″ to 36″. These legs are ideal for countertops in kitchens, garages, and workshops where the user is standing or sitting on a low stool. Their elevated height avoids having to lean over to complete an activity, which could cause undue and prolonged strain on your back.
Bar height table legs: Bar height table legs will measure between 39” and 42” tall, giving you a finished work surface of 40″ to 44″ in height. These are most commonly used, not surprisingly, for bar areas where users are either standing or seated on a high stool. Bar height may be too tall for some users to stand and complete tasks, so if stools are not provided it is best to stay on the lower side of the recommended height range.
Height adjustable table legs: Height adjustable legs use larger leveling devices, either at the foot near the floor or at the mounting plate underneath the table top, to drastically change your table leg height. So instead of just desk height or just counter height, you would be able to adjust the height of one desk from desk height to counter height, or even counter height up to bar height. Good websites will have a description of the table leg’s height range, either in the page title or the product details. These are great for hot desking applications or multi-user workstations.
Custom height table legs: Custom height legs allow you to select whatever height you have deemed appropriate for your table and are ideal for extreme conditions such as very short or very tall users. If a company offers custom height desk legs, be ready to wait a bit longer for them than you would other table legs, as they are most likely being made from scratch. The trade-off however, is a desk perfectly suited to your needs.
Also keep in mind that most of these legs will come with a 1″ leveler at the bottom to help adjust for uneven floors. You should also be able to find table and desk pedestal bases with the same height options, if individual table legs take away too much leg or chair room from your table project. I hope this short tutorial will be of some service to you when you face your next table or furniture project, helping you to more knowledgably navigate the online world of table legs.